Kokua Lima Service Club

Helping Paws

Basic Information

-Our meetings are held in Ms. Keenan's room in C124 every Tuesday after school, unless noted otherwise

 -For any services that you attend, you MUST wear club gear

-If you signed up for any services but cannot attend last minute, FIND A REPLACEMENT ASAP as it is MANDATORY. There will be consequences if you do not have a replacement!

About Kokua Lima

Kokua Lima Service Club of Alhambra High School is devoted to keeping a safe, clean environment for both animals and humans.

We support the safety of endangered species as well as their environment, and we promote ways to help these animals. We sponsor charities for other organizations, and causes.

Our mascot is Pawlie the Polar Bear, chosen to represent the two ideals of KL: To lend a "paw" to those who want to give a hand to the community and towards the needy and to those who ask for help, and to help the animal community suffering through natural and man made disasters.

Not only do we help animals, but also people. We occasionally volunteer at convalescent homes such as Atherton or the Scripps Kensington. Much of the club focuses on being part of a cleaning committee within the community. We also support many Food Drives, and Homeless Charities. We are a constant provider for Food on Foot, and Americas Second Harvest.

Currently, we are looking for sponsors of our own, to provide funding that we need in order to provide these services to other people. Much of our money will go to transportation as well as running the club for future socials and/or services.